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Whiteshell Outfitters

Lodge & Outfitter Profile

Whiteshell Outfitters is a small family owned and operated Outfitter in Manitoba Canada within the Whiteshell Provincial Park. Owner and operator Mike Adey has been guiding non-resident guests since 1981 and specializes in archery. He has been bow hunting since 1978 and loves everything about it. Mike prides himself on his ability to deliver you a high quality Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, or Timber Wolf hunt that will leave you coming back again and again (We currently run 70% repeat customers every year). Our goal is to put you where trophy Deer, Bear, and Wolf roam. All while making your wilderness stay in Manitoba enjoyable and memorable.

All of your trips are fully guided. To ensure that you are properly catered to we pair each one of our guides with only two hunters. All of our guides are hand selected by Mike and have completed government guiding and firearms licensing programs. Guides assist you to and from your tree stand or blind every day and carry out all tracking, skinning, and shipment preparation (freezing, hanging, and boxing). Guides can also accompany you in the stand or blind if requested. Our hunts allow you to be as hands on or hands off as you want.

We are an exclusive camp that only takes 26 Bear hunters, 18 Deer hunters, and 4 Wolf hunters a year. This allows us to maintain high populations within our area. The Whiteshell Provincial Park is located in southeastern Manitoba where prairie meets the Canadian Shield. The area consists of lakes, rivers, swamps, granite rock ridges, and forests. The vast terrain, numerous food sources, and low hunting pressure enable large Bear, Deer, and Wolf to thrive. All of our hunts are fair chase and the animals are free to travel in the 1,000,000 plus acres we operate in. Bear and Wolf hunts are over bait while Deer stands are located in the heart of high traffic rutting areas. Not only are we located in the center of prime hunting grounds, we are situated in a beautiful region that is perfect for family trips.

Bear hunters stay in fully furnished lodges next to beautiful lakes where you are mere steps from fishing. Travel to and from stands is done by ATV, truck, boat, or canoe, and typically requires less than 150 yards of walking. 80% of our tree stands are “Single-Man” ladder stands with the remaining 20% of our stands being “Lock-On” style. Blinds are available upon request.
Deer hunters stay in a remote base camp that requires a 9 mile all-terrain vehicle trek through the rugged wilderness to get there. Once there you can expect a cozy warm tent camp waiting for you. But DO NOT worry! The camps have fully insulated walls, floors, and roofs, propane heat, lights, beds with mattresses, a cook stove for the guides to prepare meals, and a whisper quite inverter generator to charge your devices. Our Whitetail camp allows you to enjoy the ruggedness of nature while remaining warm, dry, and comfortable. Travel to and from stands is done with ATVs and typically requires less than 100 yards of walking. 80% of our tree stands are “Man-and-a-Half” or “Double-Man” ladder stands, the remaining 20% are “Single-Man” and “Lock-On” stands. Blinds are available upon request.
Wolf hunters stay in a cozy lodge where they can relax and enjoy the snowy weather. Travel to and from blinds is done by ATV, Argo, or snowmobile, and typically requires less than 150 yards of walking. The hunt is done from heated blinds over looking frozen lakes.

Available 6 Day Hunt Packages:
• Whitetail Deer + Timber Wolf
• Spring Black Bear + Fishing
• Fall Black Bear + Fishing + Timber Wolf
• Timber Wolf Specific Hunt

Why Should You Plan You Next or Perhaps Your First Hunting Trip With Us?
• Our hunts are all inclusive (except alcohol).
• We treat you how we like to be treated when we go on hunting trips.
• Our Bear hunts are family friendly and have easy accessibility.
• Many of our hunting sites are prepared with two tree stands. One for the hunter and one for a spectator such as a camera man or the parent of a young hunter.
• We have a solid population of color phase Bear.
• Our remote Deer hunts offer the opportunity to see how large bucks behave in their natural and undisturbed habitat.
• Bows and guns can be sighted in upon arrival at camp before you hunt.

Whiteshell Outfitters
Whiteshell Outfitters, a bow hunters paradise! We are experts in archery and have been bow hunting since 1978. We specialize in archery tackle but accept Rifle, Muzzle loader, cross bows and shot guns in our bear operation.


Rennie MB, R0E 1R0
PH: 1-204-369-5354

Toll Free: 1-877-302-5322