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Our Board and Staff

MLOA Staff:

Executive Director
Don Lamont

MLOA Executive:

President: (Treasurer) Melanie MacCarthy-North Mountain Adventures

Vice President: Waterfowl Director Barry Good, Dirty Lake Outfitters

Angling Director: Matthew Wiens- Viking Lodge

Eco Tourism Director: Todd Wohlgemuth-Baldy Mountain Outfitters 

Accommodations Director: Tobias Becker-Shining Falls Lodge

Big Game Director: Mike Adey – Whiteshell Outfitters

Director for Allied Members: Darrin Bohonis- Darrin Bohonis Outdoors

Director At Large: Cory Grant – All Terrain Bear Hunts

Director at Large: Bryan Bogdan Wekusko Falls Lodge

Junior Director: Kathy Rutier – Paint Lake Lodge

Junior Director: Dean McCulloch- Muskeg Outfitters