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Code of Ethics

Members of the MLOA support and abide by the following Code of Ethics as part of our effort to ensure that your experience in Manitoba is memorable.


  • Members will cooperate and exhibit ethical behavior in their dealings with other operators, and will not directly or indirectly injure their reputation or business, nor encroach on another operator’s allocated lake or hunting area.
  • The Association and its members will cooperate with government and all other groups and Associations in working toward common goals.
  • The Association will promote the professionalism, products and services of its members in good standing. It will react to any written concerns in regard to these matters through its elected executive.
  • Operators must conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner in the public forum. If there is a violation of the code of ethics, it will be reviewed by the board.  The Board can issue a written warning or termination of membership upon review. The Board will send a letter informing the member of the review either of a warning or termination of membership.
  • If anyone has or knows of a conflict of interest with the MLOA, it must be reported to the board. Failure to disclose such conflicts will result in a review for violating the Code of Ethics and could lead to a written warning or termination of membership.

Resource Stewardship

  • All members are licensed by the Province of Manitoba and will adhere to all those regulations that apply to the resource tourism industry in Manitoba.
  • Members and their Association will promote the responsible and sustainable use of the province’s resource base to their clients, staff, other resource users and other organizations that share our commitment to resource stewardship.


  • Members will ensure that all advertising of their products is correct as to what is being provided.
  • Clients will be given all necessary information pertaining to the particular activity being offered in order for the client to plan and prepare for a safe and enjoyable experience.


  • Members will provide clean, well-maintained and safe facilities and equipment for their clients while using the operator’s facilities.
  • Members will endeavor to provide the highest quality of goods and products possible.
  • Members will employ well-trained, properly attired and courteous personnel for providing services to clients.
  • Members will attempt to provide, in every possible manner, all those conditions that will ensure the fullest enjoyment of the experience by their clients.