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Sustainable Tourism

The Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association (MLOA) recognizes Sustainable Tourism Development as a vital concept for effective management of businesses in the outdoor tourism industry. The MLOA is committed to developing and sustaining a strong and stable tourism industry in Manitoba that offers the highest quality and diversity of outdoor attractions, vacations and adventures.
As outdoor tourism operators, we believe that we can contribute significantly to Sustainable Tourism Development. We are equally committed to:

  • Developing, operating and marketing tourism in a sustainable manner so that each will positively contribute and conserve our natural, cultural, social and historic environments.
  • Complying with local, national and international laws and regulations applicable to our tourism businesses.
  • Opposing and actively discouraging illegal, abusive or exploitative forms of tourism.
  • Promoting and practising responsible and sustainable use and enjoyment of our natural resources and wilderness areas.
  • Conserving our plants, animals, ecosystems and protected areas.
  • Reducing, minimizing and preventing any pollution, waste or negative impacts on the economy, environment, nature, social structures or local cultures.
  • Interacting, encouraging, partnering and cooperating with local communities, public sectors, national and local authorities, government, industry and other organizations to maximize and preserve the quality and sustainability of tourism destinations in Manitoba.