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Aberdeen Lodge

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To get to Aberdeen Lodge located on Lake Athapapuskow, proceed to Cranberry Portage in northern Manitoba via Highway #10. Then go approximately 12 miles northwest of Cranberry Portage and turn left at the NESO LAKE intersection. You will find yourself on a barricaded section of the “old highway”. Go approximately 200 yards until you come up to the barricade and then turn left into the bush. The road will be surfaced with an unmistakable bluestone gravel. Go approximately 4.5 miles through the bush until you come to a large graveled area by the railroad tracks. This is the old campsite for the quarry which is located on the other side of the railroad tracks. The lake begins just past the camp. To walk in, turn right at the tracks and walk 1.5 miles south west along the lakeshore into the lodge. If you don’t see water in two minutes, you are going the wrong way! At the shoreline, you will find our dock where it is possible to launch your boat. To get to the lodge via the water route, follow the left shoreline until it takes you into the camp. Go slow and cautiously through the channel leading out of the first bay as it is very shallow. Always exercise caution in unfamiliar waters as reefs in these northern lakes are very unpredictable. Remember that the lodge is located next to the railroad tracks and this should help guide you in.

If you would like to avoid any potential problems, give the Lodge a call the evening before you plan to arrive and someone will meet you at the dock in the Quarry bay.

Please call in the evening as we are often out on the lake or outside at work during the day.


Aberdeen Lodge
Ph: 204-687-0495
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