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Explore the great outdoors with iHunter, your ultimate hunting companion. Tailored for both hunters and outfitters, iHunter goes beyond the basics, offering a comprehensive suite of location-based features to enhance your planning and execution.

As an outfitter, iHunter empowers you with the ability to acquire detailed landowner maps, providing invaluable insights into the terrain. Effortlessly pin crucial landmarks, ensuring that you and your clients are well-oriented and equipped for a successful expedition. The app allows you to superimpose multiple boundary layers, offering a nuanced understanding of your surroundings for strategic decision-making.

But that’s not all – iHunter goes beyond navigation. Broadcast your current location to stay connected with your team, enhancing coordination during the hunt. Share tracks seamlessly, facilitating efficient communication and collaboration. Whether you’re guiding clients or leading a group, iHunter ensures everyone is on the same page for a cohesive and successful expedition.

Stay ahead of the game with iHunter’s real-time updates on hunting season regulations, ensuring that you are always compliant and informed. Seamlessly integrate daylight and weather forecasts into your planning process, giving you a tactical advantage in optimizing your hunting experience. The app’s annual updates guarantee that you have the latest information at your fingertips, allowing you to adapt to changing conditions effortlessly.

For outfitters who demand precision and efficiency, iHunter is the go-to tool for transforming hunting excursions into seamless and successful ventures. Embrace the power of technology in the wilderness and elevate your outfitter experience with iHunter.

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