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Farmery Estate Brewery

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Located in the heart of the Great Canadian prairies in Neepawa, Manitoba, Farmery Estate Brewery is a family farm & brewery where hops and barley that go into our beer are grown and brewed.

Because Farmery is an estate brewery, our carbon footprint is one of the lowest of any breweries in the world.

Sustainability above all else
 Farmery Estate Brewery is a privately owned brewery that takes pride in their Manitoban local roots.  Farmery is based out of Neepawa, Manitoba. Consisting of both a brewery and a family farm, Farmery grows their own barley and hops for their beer. This commitment to local ingredients ensures a unique and authentic flavor profile.

Farmery is also known in collaborating with local companies to utilize local ingredients to produce beverages, such as Farmery’s collaboration with BeeMaid honey to produce delicious honey-infused Auntie Bea’s Hard Brewed (alcoholic) and Cold Brewed (non-alcoholic) Teas.

In addition to beer, Farmery has also branched into crafting spirit-based beverages such as their Great White North flavored vodkas; as well as non-alcoholic beverages such as malted sodas, non-alcoholic beer, Beer Caesar mocktails, and honey-infused cold brewed teas.

To serve their customers better, Farmery has three beer store locations: the main beer store in the Farmery Estate Brewery located in Neepawa; the Farmery Craft Beer Outlet, located at 2B-2 Donald St., and a seasonal beer store Farmery Lakeside located in beautiful Clear Lake, Riding Mountain National Park.

Imagine serving guests a refreshing Farmery beer after a day of fishing on pristine lakes or exploring the wilderness. The brewery’s diverse beer lineup ensures that there’s a perfect match for any occasion, whether it’s celebrating a successful catch or relaxing by the campfire.

Farmery beer stores and outlets provide a convenient way for Manitoba’s lodges to purchase Farmery’s beverages directly. Farmery’s commitment to local sourcing and quality makes it an excellent choice for fishing lodges and outfitters in Manitoba, and is a perfect beverage to offer visitors from other provinces and countries a taste of farm-to-table Manitoba-produced beverages.

To see all the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that Farmery produces, as well as read more about their story, please visit:

For lodges who are looking to add to their local beverage offerings for visitors, please feel free to swing by any Farmery Craft Beer store or outlet and receive a 10% discount on all Farmery non-alcoholic products, merch and apparel with the coupon code: MBLODGE10.

Farmery Estate Brewery

480 MB-5 
Neepawa, MB
R0J 1H0

Call us at 204-777-0909 ext. 0

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